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Information to users

Important:To authors who submit papers to the journal "IEEJ Transactions on Electrical and Electronic Engineering"

Under contract with John Wiley & Sons, the journal “IEEJ Transactions on Electrical and Electronic Engineering” will be published on Wiley Online Library only; no printed copies will be distributed from the January 2020 issue (Vol.15, No. 1). Authors shall be afforded the right to access the electronic(PDF)version of their article same as before.

Important:To students who submit papers

When you submit your papers via the system, please add your adviser's ID, not only yours, in the box of "Corresponding Author ID", it's on the entry screen of "Paper Submission".

Important:Plagiarism detection by using Similarity Check

From April 2018, we start checking plagiarism in papers newly submitted to the journals of our Society by using Similarity Check.

Important:Amendment of "Author's Guidelines for the Transactions of the Institute of Electric Engineers of Japan"