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Important:To authors who submit papers to the journal "IEEJ Transactions on Electrical and Electronic Engineering"

Regarding the publication of papers, it takes approximately one year or more, even if your papers are accepted now.
It's because we have "Limited Page Budget" and a lot of papers having been accepted and waited their publication.
We apologize in advance for this inconvenience.

Important:To students who submit papers

When you submit your papers via the system, please add your adviser's ID, not only yours, in the box of "Corresponding Author ID", it's on the entry screen of "Paper Submission".

Important:Amendment of "Author's Guidelines for the Transactions of the Institute of Electric Engineers of Japan"

Attention: Privacy Policy in IEEJ Paper Management System

This IEEJ Paper Management System, hereinafter referred to as the System, shall consider that registrants agree to disclose their registered information to other members which is exclusively used for paper editing (The 15th Article of Personal Information Protection: Restriction by the Purpose of Use and The 16th Article of the said law: Proper Acquisition). The registered information may be used for paper review, paper acceptance, and/or other purposes including contact with registrants. Please register your information accurately so as to proceed the work smoothly. When your personal information is needed to be changed, please update your information immediately on the updating screen. The System is encrypted in communications, pollution detected, falsification detected and session managed to prevent leakage of information. "Go Back" operation of browser will be limited. We use encrypted communication technology called SSL in the System, so please use browser corresponding to it (The 19th Article of the said law: Security Control Measures). If you have any troubles in paper submission or review, please contact IEEJ Office

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